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Prayer Requests

Week of March 2


Children's Director Erin Talley

  • Ask God to continue to deepen her personal relationship with Christ
  • She will be given greater creativity as she seeks to lead our Children's Ministry
  • The needed leaders, workers, and actors who will invest in the lives of our children will be provided by the Lord

North Mobile Finances

  • Pray that God will provide $70,000 each week for the budgetary needs of North Mobile
  • God will reveal His will to each member concerning how much to give above the tithe for debt retirement and the advancement of the Gospel through missions

STORM Team Leaders

  • Pray that God will give them organizational skills and creativity as they prepare for their upcoming STORM team trips
  • God will draw individuals to each team that will be used to reach out to people groups around the world with the Gospel
  • God will prepare the hearts of those who will hear the gospel and they will be receptive to what they hear

Sunday AM and PM Sermon Series

  • Ask God to give Pastor Ed wisdom and anointing as he continues the Sunday morning series called I Am
  • Pastor Ed and Chris Reed will be used by the Lord as they continue a Sunday evening series call The Doubt Challenge
  • There will be an increase in attendance in these services which will bring about significant life change

Disciple Now Weekend, March 20-23

  • Pray that God will provide all of the needed teachers and workers in order to make this event meaningful in the lives of students
  • God will provide the greatest number of students in the history of Disciple Now at North Mobile
  • Each student will leave with a clearer understanding of God's will for their life

Music Ministry

  • Pray that God will give Pastor Ed wisdom as he seeks to know Christ's will as to who should lead our Worship Ministry
  • Lift up Heather Messick as she works with the choir each week in preparation for Sunday's worship
  • God will impress upon the members of North Mobile to join the Worship Ministry to help lead us before God's thr

Recommended Reading

In the Eye of the Storm by Max Lucado

One day in the life of Christ.  Call it a tapestry of turmoil:  A noisy pictorial in which the golden threads of triumph knot against the black, frazzled strings of tragedy.  Call it a symphony of emotions:  A sunrise-to-sunset orchestration of extremes.  One score is brassy with exuberance - the next moans with sorrow.  Aurthor Max Lucado calls it "the second most stressful day in the life of our Savior."  If your've ever wondered if God in heaven can relate to you on earth, then read this pressure-packed day in the life of Christ.  It is the only day, aside from the crucifixion, that all four gospels recorded.  Lucado has interwoven thier accounts in such a way that you will be assured that God knows how you feel.  And you will be assured that within every torrent there is a calm center - a place you can stand when your world gets windy. 

Memory Verse

"Seeing that we have a great High Priest who has entered the inmost Heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to our faith.  For we have no superhuman High Priest to whom our weaknesses are unintelligible - he himself has shared fully in all our experience of temptation, except that he never sinned."  Hebrews 4:15 J. B. Phillips









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